SWF2MP3 Player One

As of November 2009, You can't play Swf files on the iPhone/iPod touch.
Flash Player to play Swf files is not publicized yet.
SWF2MP3 Player One is not a Flash Player.
However it provides you the other solution.

このアプリケーションはiTunes Store の認証プロセスを通らなかったためストアでの販売予定がございません。理由を知りたい方および、試しにiPhone/iPod touch で試しに動かしてみたい方は当サイトよりお問い合わせください。

SWF2MP3 Player One is a Swf analyzing application.
How to use is easy 3 steps.

1. Search Swf files

Enter a keyword into the search field and tap the Search button.
A Swf report will be displayed.

Step2. Analyze and import Swf files

You can download and analyze by tapping the Swf report.
Tap Done to import the files.

3. Sound Player

Tap from the All Sounds Play List.
You can play the sound by tapping a sound you want to listen.

Have fun!